Colorado Avalanche: Sakic and Roy’s Plans for the Team

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Colorado Avalanche Blueprints

Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy won their two Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cups with Pierre Lacroix as their general manager. Lacroix is still known as the architect, the man who built teams that won two Stanley Cups. He was especially renowned for astute trading, being the GM responsible for bringing Roy, Ray Bourque and Rob Blake to the team.

For sure Sakic and Roy, who has the last say in personnel as VP of hockey operations, think about Pierre Lacroix’s eye for trading. They’ve certainly proven they’re not afraid to pull the gun on trades.

Even more than that, though, the pair learned to build according to a set of blueprints. Make no mistake — Sakic and Roy know exactly what kind of team they want to have. Patrick Roy especially hasn’t been shy about stating what he wants to see his team become — big, skilled and gritty.

Whatever moves the pair make, it’s with that blueprint in mind.

Let’s look at some of the details of that blueprint.

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