Colorado Avalanche: Evaluating all the Stadium Series Jerseys

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Colorado Gets it Just Right

By now you’re hopefully glad to rest your eyes on some burgundy and blue — and lots of white.

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The white, in addition to signifying the snow on our beautiful Rocky Mountains, stems from the days of an actual rivalry, those storied battles between the Avs and Wings. In those days, teams wore home whites, and so the Colorado Avalanche are going to do the same when they host the Detroit Red Wings in Coors Field. The traditional Avalanche logo has been replaced on the front with a “C” that’s almost straight off the Colorado flag, except it’s in Avalanche colors. The actual logo is on the shoulder. As defenseman Erik Johnson

once observed

, the numbers are nearly the same size as Landeskog’s head. But, of course, that’s to make them big enough to be seen from afar in a Stadium Series game.

The silver around the logo on the front symbolizes the silver mining that helped make our state great. And, of course, the 5280 on the collar signifies the fact that Denver is the Mile High city, or 5,280 feet above sea level.

In other words, the Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series sweaters combine just the right amount of history and tradition with modern design.

What do YOU think, Avs Nation? Who won the Stadium Series design contest?