Colorado Avalanche: Evaluating all the Stadium Series Jerseys

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Chicago’s Stadium Series Jersey is Perfunctory

Does anyone else get the feeling the Chicago Blackhawks are getting tired of playing these “epic” games. I feel like they’re especially annoyed to be playing against the Minnesota Wild. I mean, why would they get heated up about playing a team they eliminate from the playoffs every single year? It’s not like there’s any kind of rivalry there. Anyway, the design of their Stadium Series sweater seems to reflect the fact that they’re just going through the motions.

My personal favorite aspect of the design is the little dig at the… smallness of the Wild’s history. The placement of the logo on the sleeves hearkens back to the 1950s — to a time when the “State of Hockey” was just a state with frozen over lakes whereas Chicago had had a hockey team for 50+ years.

In fact, the sweater is already on sale. The Chicago Blackhawks know they’ll sell out of anything with their logo on it, so why make a big production.

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