Colorado Avalanche: Facing Concussions in Modern Hockey

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Mike Webster’s death, at age 50, was a gut punch to a generation of football fans across the country who remembered “Iron Mike” from a fifteen-season career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a Hall of Famer. A nine-time Pro Bowler. Four rings. He was a human specimen as an athlete.

His retirement turned messy quickly. Story after story about tragic incidents involving Webster in his personal life came to light and most forgot about him until his death.

GQ did an incredible job documenting the end of Mike Webster’s life after football as an offensive lineman. Mike was a troubled man. He urinated into his oven, squirted super glue onto his rotting teeth, lost all of his money, couldn’t remember anything and spent the last of his days in a truck with a busted window covered by a trash bag.

After his death, doctors, neurologists and scientists would find that his brain had been ruined by CTE.

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