Colorado Avalanche: Facing Concussions in Modern Hockey

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Chris Nowinski? That pro wrestler from earlier that got kicked in the chin? His career was ruined by concussions. He describes the after effects of a career plagued by concussions and blackouts. He opened up to CNN.

"“My world changed. I had depression. I had memory problems. My head hurt for five years…The idea that you can whack your head hundreds of times in your life and knock yourself out and get up and be fine is gone. We know we can’t do that anymore. This causes long-term damage.”"

Three time Super Bowl champion linebacker Ted Johnson didn’t retire quick enough. He was forced out of football after suffering two major concussions with the New England Patriots. He’s suffered with the after effects of it for years.

"“Really my main reason even for talking about this is to help the guys who are already retired. [They] are getting divorced, going bankrupt, can’t work, are depressed, and don’t know what’s wrong with them. [It is] to give them a name for it so they can go get help.” Ted Johnson"

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