Colorado Avalanche: What to Expect Against the Boston Bruins


The Colorado Avalanche came up with a win in dominating fashion Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Flyers, and they hit the ice again tonight against the Boston Bruins. They’re probably looking for revenge, and it’s time they put two wins-in-a-row to get it. 

I work at a Pizza joint in Bozeman, Montana, and I often share the dough-roller with a Minnesota Wild fan who finds enjoyment in a beat-down of the already low Colorado Avalanche. I work the line and make pizzas; my “Teach Me How to Dutchy” shirt stands burgundy, and my phone broadcasts the game held steady by a salt shaker and a pepper shaker.

My fellow work comrades have grown used to my silent antics — the presence of customers control my usual outbreaks — when the Avs score a goal, and when they are utterly outplayed. I work Tuesdays, and games are often broadcasted on Tuesdays, an occupational hazard of working. However, I am not deterred from my obsession.

Whether the Colorado Avalanche are winning or losing I will be invested because even brutality can seem somewhat inviting when you’re accustomed to it.

I’m accustomed to the Colorado Avalanche losing, and that’s a brutal thing. But, on Tuesday night snow dripped and drained steadily above, and my work was slow, so everyone got a taste of what it’s like to be invested to the every whim of hockey.

Tuesday night’s game was the most full and complete game that the Colorado Avalanche have played all season.

Game 15 Notes

— The Colorado Avalanche outshot the Flyers 40-25, and Reto Berra pitched a shutout as well.

— It’s safe to say that Berra has found his groove because he’s pitched two shutouts in 6 games this season. Furthermore, check a box with 3 total shutouts in his career, and two have come this season.

Amidst trade rumors, Matt Duchene showed with a dominate performance, and I like him on the wing. Austin Manak of BSN has a great article discussing the trade rumors circulating Duchene, and what his use on the wing may mean for his future with the Avalanche.

— The top line of Gabe Landeskog – Nathan MacKinnon – Matt Duchene is stacked with offensive potential, and they played fantastic on Tuesday night.  But what happens if they get a focus-shut-down?

— Can the other lines be trusted to put forth enough offensive production to compensate for the obvious pressure that Patrick Roy’s first line will receive if the combination continues?

— Francois Beauchemin needs to play with less ice-time, but what other option do the Colorado Avalanche have? They can’t wear out Beauchy, but who can help shoulder some minutes? Oh yeah, why is Nikita Zadorov in the AHL?

Will this Play Continue Against the Bruins?

Aside from all the cynicism, this year has been tumultuous so far for the Colorado Avalanche, and solutions are becoming more and more difficult to find.

The road trip started on a strong note, and hopefully this rhythm will continue to twang throughout the trip itself. But tonight the Colorado Avalanche face a Bruins team who embarrassed them on home ice when they met earlier this season. Furthermore, Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic have continually referenced that game on home ice against the Bruins as the worst showing by the Avs in this early season.

So, it’s imperative that the Colorado Avalanche not only beat the Boston Bruins tonight, but beat them in dominating fashion on their home ice — to return the favor, but — most importantly — that they put back-to-back wins together for the first time all season.

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What Can We Expect from the Colorado Avalanche?

Call me someone who lacks regard for superstition, call me the man who jinxed the Avs, call me what you want, but tonight will be a win for the Colorado Avalanche. They have to win this game, the fans know it, the team knows it, and it’s time that the Colorado Avalanche finally put back-to-back wins together.

There’s nothing else to be said, the Colorado Avalanche need to win this game, and they need to keep winning in order to reach the surface of the hole they dug themselves.

The Colorado Avalanche are in desperate need of a winning streak. Can this road trip provide the cure to the current malady? Will the first line continue to produce, or will they find more difficult competition, rendering the rest of the forwards on the Avalanche useless? Your opinions are always valued, so voice them in the comment section!