Colorado Avalanche Road Trip: 5 Keys to Success

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Fire it Up

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One of the greatest hallmarks of our Colorado Avalanche heroes was their will to win. We saw it especially in Patrick Roy and Peter Forsberg.

Roy is legendary for his love of winning and hatred of losing. Indeed, apparently that hatred is beginning to show:

Some people don’t suffer fools gladly — Patrick Roy doesn’t suffer losers gladly. That’s part of what separated him from players who had similar skill and talent.

Compete level is what separated Peter Forsberg from others as well. This is a man who could look at a 5-1 deficit in the third period and erase it with two goals and three assists:

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This was a man whose will to win was so great he played through ankle pain so excruciating he had to wear a new set of skates every single game. The current inception of the team needs to find a single flame of those two heroes’ fire. The Colorado Avalanche road trip has to look like that third period looked to Forsberg — as a chance to excel.

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