Colorado Avalanche Halloween: 5 Scary Players

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#3: Erik Johnson, a.k.a. Jack Skellington

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson’s snarky sense of humor comes through is his tweets. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the hockey smile, see? And the height. And the lack of teeth. And the size.

Plus, Colorado Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson is one big, bad mudder. He’s big — yeah, I already said that, but it can’t be emphasized enough. And he’s mean. Remember that hit on Erik Haula that led to Gabriel Landeskog’s tongue-lashing? Yeah, that was Johnson throwing Haula around like a dog with a rag doll.

Watch some of the fabulous hits in the player profile below:

My personal favorite comes at 0:39 when Johnson absolutely assaults Detroit Red Wings skater Danny Cleary. First, he cross checks Cleary several times while holding onto his stick. Finally Cleary regains his footing, but Johnson is still holding his stick. Johnson gives him a couple more cross checks, which frees Cleary’s stick. Johnson then sends him off with one more crosscheck, as if to say, “Damn you for making me hold your stick all that time!”

Never mind dark alley — this is a guy you wouldn’t want to meet under the bright lights of a hockey rink.

Speaking of big bad mudders…

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