Colorado Avalanche Opening Night Setlist

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Goal Horns Old and New

Of course, the best way to rip that monkey off our backs is by hearing a lot of this:

We need the Colorado Avalanche to start scoring early and keep scoring often, right?

It’s funny, listening to a recorded version of the goal horn, the “Hey” song that comes after seems so small. But of course that’s because I’m used to hearing thousands of Avalanche fans scream “Hey!” along with it while pumping their fists.

A lot of people miss the old goal horn, which you can actually hear in the background of the above mash-up. However, here it is in all its throwback glory:

That horn blatting is horribly obnoxious — I love it. Also, with all the sirens, this really gets your adrenaline pumping even faster than it already is after watching a sweet Avalanche goal.

So, what about you, Avs Nation? What songs are on your playlist as you get hyped up for the season opener Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild?

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