Colorado Avalanche Opening Night Setlist

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“Monkey Business” by Skid Row

This song is similar to “Re-education” in that it starts slow and that just starts pounding away with the hard rock beats. Plus, I love the rebel yell at the beginning.

The lyrics are a little weird, but they also remind me of Matt Duchene. He’s ever a streaky scorer, and for a while it’s like he has a monkey on his back when the goals aren’t going in.

“I ain’t seen the sun since I don’t know when…

Monkey business
Slippin’ on the track
Monkey business
Jungle in black
Ain’t your business if I got
No monkey on my back.”

This song started reminding me of Matt Duchene after that goal celly from a Colorado Avalanche-Nashville Predators game:

Duchene had been in a scoring drought, which this goal broke. Watch how he mimics ripping a monkey off his back.

We all want to rip the monkey that is the Minnesota Wild off our backs, right?

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