Colorado Avalanche Opening Night Setlist

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“You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies

This song is great to get pumped up and ready for the game. We’re all “hyped up out of control, ” right?

I don’t know why the Colorado Avalanche don’t just play this game at the beginning of every Avalanche-Wild game. The lyrics are perfect for the budding rivalry:

“It’s been a long time coming
And the table’s turned around
‘Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down!”

It has been a long time coming — don’t you just feel the intensity of how badly you want the Colorado Avalanche to finally beat the Minnesota Wild on opening night?!

Because, yes, as we are taking “a trip down memory lane” — and we don’t like it, right?

Personally, the parts of the song that I really want to address to the Minnesota Wild are no Rated G, so kiddos skip to the next slide.

Here they are:

“This is hardly worth fighting for
But it’s the little petty shit that I can’t ignore
When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor.”

“You can treat this like another all the same,
But don’t cry like a bitch when you feel the pain.”

I literally think of the Minnesota Wild every single time I hear those two lyrics.

Ok, I was inspired last summer to make a hype video out of this song. (Again, don’t hate at the amateur nature.) If I re-made the video, obviously Gabriel Landeskog punching Mikko Koivu would replay several times.

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