Avalanche Home: Etiquette Guide for Wild Fans

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5. Don’t disrespect our players and our team.

Colorado Avalanche players raise their sticks to the audience after the 5-4 win. Phot credit: Nadia Archuleta

As I remarked in a previous guideline, you should certainly feel free to cheer on your team. You bought your ticket, you certainly have that right.

You do not have the right to disrespect the Colorado Avalanche, though. You do not have the right to heckle Avalanche players, our coach, our plays — anything Avalanche.

Sorry, but this holds true even as we disrespect Minnesota Wild players, your coach, your plays — anything and everything Minnesota Wild.

Again, this is our home barn — this Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, home of the Colorado Avalanche. Every team has the right to having unwavering support in their home barn. Every team’s fan base has the right to freedom from hearing their team heckled in one place — their home arena.

I’ll get to the rationale in a moment, but please remember a couple things. First, I would absolutely expect any Avalanche fan in Xcel Energy Center to mind those same manners. Second, that type of bad behavior is what incites the fights in the stands. (That and the drunkeness — see above.)

Third, it may seem like you outnumber us, but you don’t. Even when the Chicago Blackhawks come to town, the ratio is still roughly 65% Avs to 35% Hawks. Don’t incite a riot.

Last etiquette rule coming up with the promised rationale.

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