Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey: Hot or Not?


We all knew the Colorado Avalanche had a new alternate jersey coming. After Icethetics seemed to have a pretty good idea of what it could look like, the international online store accidentally revealed the actual jersey. It is basically exactly what Icethetics thought it would be — but is it better than what the club had?

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The new alternate jersey features a slightly different color scheme than the team’s regular uniforms. The light re-branding started with the club introducing a Colorado flag “C” shoulder patch, with a navy blue letter “C”. Navy blue is also the main color of the new uniform, and it uses a second version of the burgundy and navy “C” logo.

It has already got a great amount of feedback on social media, ranging from “I love it” to “this is the worst I’ve ever seen. Personally, I really like it, especially because of the new color scheme. The jersey would look even better, though, if it used the Colorado Avalanche’s primary logo. The guys of 120 Sports also have one little problem with the logo.

So, the Colorado Avalanche’s new alternate logo looks like that of the Chicago Cubs? They’ve got a point, sure. But where did the logo really come from?

The Colorado Avalanche’s logo is a throwback to that of the Colorado Rockies, who first brought the NHL to Denver in 1976. Therefore, it can’t be the Avalanche stealing the Cubs’ logo. However, the Cubs first had a logo based on a simple, round “C” in 1908, changed it up in 1916, and brought it back in 1937.

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Does that mean the Rockies copied the Cubs? No. Obviously, the Rockies based their logo and team colors on Colorado’s state flag. The first version of that flag, however, was introduced in 1911. Now, the only — yet unlikely — explanation is that the designer of the Flag of Colorado, Mr. Andrew Carlisle Johnson, stole his idea from the Chicago Cubs.

This isn’t really going anywhere, so let’s just drop it. It doesn’t look that similar anyway.

The only question that remains is this: do you, the fans, like the new uniforms? I sure do.

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