Avalanche Defense: 5 Questions for the 2015-16 Season

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Colorado Avalanche defense — you might be shaking your head already. The Avalanche defense hasn’t been solid since Adam Foote hung up the skates — and it was already getting shaky outside of his defensive pairing.

There have been some bright spots over the years, especially in the form of offensive defenseman John Michael Liles. The current defensive corps is a hodge podge of elite players and work horses, though, heavy on the latter.

As head coach Patrick Roy points out, the Colorado Avalanche defense is very young still. There’s some veterans, but the core is young. The Avalanche also added two players to the mix who are supposed to take leading roles. That leads us to some significant questions about the Colorado Avalanche defense in the upcoming season — luckily not the dire ones we’re used to, though.

So, let’s explore the big questions facing the Colorado Avalanche d-men.

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