Colorado Avalanche 20-Year Anniversary: How Does it Relate to You?

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The Years of Little Hope

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These years are also etched into my mind because I began to lose hope that I would ever see a productive and capable team hit the ice again. The years of little hope started with Roy’s retirement, and ended with his hiring as coach of the Colorado Avalanche, along with the release of Joe Sacco.

1.) Adam Foote’s Final Shift –> Here’s another repeat from my list. But, how could this not make the overall list? I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets the chills every time they watch Adam Foote’s last shift.

2.) Joe Sakic retires –> When Joe Sakic retired in 2009, it completed the end of the Avalanche. After his retirement, the Avalanche fell fully into the realm of irrelevance, and the rebuild was just around the corner.

3.) Tony Granato’s years as coach –> Ok, I’ll admit that this one really should not be on here, but one cannot deny that Granato’s coaching was a clear example of how bad the Avalanche can get (besides the one year where he took over midseason). Oh wait, there’s just one more coach who did just a tad bit worse.

4.) Joe Sacco’s years as coach –> This is the epitome of how bad it can get, and good Lord am I glad that it’s over. Maybe he’s a reason why the Buffalo Sabres are so bad.

The options are clear folks, and there’s probably only two options that will compete for the overall top spot in this poll.

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