Colorado Avalanche 20-Year Anniversary: How Does it Relate to You?

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The Early Years

Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

My picture is awful to describe the early years, but it’s a nice intense Patrick Roy face regardless. The early years obviously constitutes to the very beginning of the Colorado Avalanche. It’s difficult not to include the 1996 cup win into the early years, since that was their first year. But below are a quick summary of my four options for the poll:

1.) Red Wings Rivalry –> This is some of the best rivalry hockey to ever be played, even with some of the long-standing rivalries that have been in existence since the beginning.

2.) Line-brawl with the Wings –> The line-brawl of 1997 between the Avalanche and Red Wings is the epitome of the brutality involved with the above mentioned rivalry.

3.) Patrick Roy deaf to Jeremy Roenick –> During the 1996 cup run, the Colorado Avalanche played the Chicago Blackhawks in the second round. Below is the famous exchange that took place between Patrick Roy and Jeremy Roenick:

4.) Patrick Roy and No More Rat Tricks –> Patrick Roy is known as a pretty fiery, intense, and dedicated guy. The above video shows his humor, but Nadia’s article on Patrick Roy’s vow for no more rats shows his dedication and determination to win.

Ok, now you’ve been informed of the options. Here’s the poll, join the fun!

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