Colorado Avalanche 20-Year Anniversary: How Does it Relate to You?

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A Younger Tyke’s Moments: #’s 3-1

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Colorado Avalanche Moment #3

This one is easy, Adam Foote’s final shift was something to behold. There are no words to describe such a physically torturing display of an entire career shrunk into one glorious shift. So, here’s the video:

That sends the chills…

Colorado Avalanche Moment #2

This moment for me is absolutely dreadful. I was 11 years old, and going to a game 7 with my dad against the Minnesota Wild (mild). I was nervous for my team to say the least, but I figured we’d win. I was wrong. Minnesota scored in the overtime period to advance to the next round, and my Colorado Avalanche had to go home empty.

On a side note, it’s fascinating that I had to relive this again in 2013-14, another game 7 overtime loss to the Minnesota Wild, (that was the third playoff game I went to that year) who haunt my past…

But, this game marked the end of Patrick Roy’s career, and with it, the end of an era in Colorado Avalanche dominance. I cried, it was a sad ordeal because my childhood revolved around Avalanche hockey, and I was seeing the glory days of its existence come to an end.

Colorado Avalanche Moment #1

Now, to end with the obvious. The 2001 Stanley Cup win is the epitome of my involvement with the Colorado Avalanche. I was 9 years old at the time, and I remember it being the beginning of my love affair with the Avalanche. Peter Forsberg was just an absolute treat to watch in those days, and I was obsessed with him. Reminiscing to those times when I was watching those games is like a nostalgic trip back to the first time you road a bike, the memories are enveloped in a thick sheen of childhood bliss.

These are my moments, and they took a little longer than I thought to explain, but let’s quickly jump into the polls now.

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