Colorado Avalanche 20-Year Anniversary: How Does it Relate to You?

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An Older Tyke’s Moments: #’s 5 & 4

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Colorado Avalanche Moment #5

This moment for me is quite bland, but it’s got to be the signing of Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic to the front office. Although we are still relatively fresh in the aftermath of these decisions, to this point I am pleased with the way these two are contributing to hockey operations.

Patrick Roy is a great coach, and his determination will one day bring the cup back to Colorado, here’s *raises his Bud Light to the online readership* to hoping that it’s sooner rather than later.

Colorado Avalanche Moment #4

Making the playoffs in the 2013-14 season was a dream come true for me. I was in the midst of finals for my University, (Montana State) and so I had obligations. However, nothing could keep me from making it to 3 out of the 4 Home games. The first two home games I made it to happened to be the games in which Nathan MacKinnon put up 7 points throughout the 2.

Even though this is a small example of what MacKinnon can do on the ice, I have to say that watching him in that form was truly special, especially his 4 point night in the second game. Here’s my favorite part about those games, broken ankles:

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