Ugly NHL Logos: Ink Master Judges Weigh In

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Minnesota Wild

Apr 18, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; Minnesota Wild left wing

Zach Parise

(11) in the game against the St. Louis Blues during the first period in game two of the first round of the the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Scottrade Center. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Ink Master judges took one gander at the red and green home jersey. Oliver Peck squawked and dropped his toothpick. Dave Navarro shut his eyes tight, as if he were having a bad trip. Chris Nuñez frowned darkly. As a group they turned to the away jersey.

“That jersey was an abomination,” Peck muttered.

“Never mind,” Navarro said. “We’re here to judge the logo- wait, is that a mouth or a stream of-”

“Dave,” Nuñez warned. “This is a family site.”

Peck said, “Whoever designed this logo was trying to get too clever. Putting trees, a star, a river and the sun in an animal’s head-”

Navarro interrupted “That’s the moon, not the sun.”

“It’s yellow,” Peck returned.

“But why would there be a star out when the sun is out?” Navarra asked.

Peck retorted, “Why would there be trees and a river inside an animal head?”

Minnesota Wild alternate captain tried to defend his team’s logo. “It’s because we’re the Minnesota Wild, so-”

Peck interrupted, “What’s a wild? Isn’t that an adjective?”

“Well…” Parise trailed off, unable to defeat the truth.

Nuñez “The main thing that weirds me out about this logo is it’s convoluted. It looks rabid.”

Navarro tried to point out, “Maybe a rabid animal is a hockey thing?”

Nuñez “A rabid animal is a diseased thing. The logo looks diseased. That’s where this design loses me. This is not a sound logo in any way.”

Peck finished, “The area that really throws me is the moon/sun/ear thing. It doesn’t read. It comes out looking a little rough.”

Navarro addressed the cameras. “There you have it, Avs Nation, the four worst logos in hockey.”

Disclaimer: Just in case it has to be said, Chris Nuñez, Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro didn’t actually weigh in on these logos.

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