Ugly NHL Logos: Ink Master Judges Weigh In

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Carolina Hurricanes

Apr 11, 2015; Raleigh, NC, USA; Carolina Hurricanes forward

Jordan Staal

(11) and forward

Eric Staal

(12) during the game against the Detroit Red Wings at PNC Arena. The Red Wings defeated the Hurricanes 2-0. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Oliver Peck, a skater boy who specializes in old school tattooing, was not a fan of the abstract Carolina Hurricanes logo.

“It’s insanity!” he declared. “The colors are bold, but what’s with the swirling mess in the middle?”

Dave Navarro weighed in briefly. “I think it’s supposed to represent the eye of the hurricane.”

“The eye of the mess is more like it,” Peck quipped. “It’s not at all clear what this logo is supposed to represent. Why are there hooks on the silver oval? It looks like a demented circular saw.”

Hurricanes captain Eric Staal attempted to stand up for his team’s logo. “Those hooks make the logo look fierce.”

“Those hooks make the logo look stupid,” Peck shot back.

Navarro attempted to enter the fray again, “Well, what would you have a team named the Hurricanes have as their logo?”

“Exactly,” Peck responded. He chewed on his toothpick. That appeared to be the final judgement on the Carolina Hurricanes logo.