Adidas NHL Jersey Deal for 2017-18 Could Finally Bring Jersey Revolution


The Colorado Avalanche will get new jerseys in the 2017-18 season, which will reportedly be made by Reebok’s parent Adidas. That change may just be an Adidas logo instead of the Reebok lettering, but it could also be reason for a much anticipated jersey revolution.

As TSN reported via Rick Westhead today, the NHL has found a new jersey partner for the post-Reebok era. Unlike the initial report suggested, the deal with Adidas will likely be in place for the 2017-18 season, not 2016-17.

The St. Louis Blues moved away from the Reebok Edge piping this season.

In 2007, current NHL jersey manufacturer Reebok introduced the “Edge” jersey line. Ever since their introduction, they were highly criticized because of their odd-looking piping, which is still prominently featured on Colorado Avalanche uniforms. More and more teams have moved away from the piping, with the St. Louis Blues being the most recent example, and the Adidas deal will likely eliminate it from the entire league.

Since Adidas is Reebok’s parent company, it is technically possible that Adidas makes no other changes than removing the Reebok lettering, and adding the Adidas logo instead, while keeping the Edge jerseys. However, and this is just a personal evaluation of the situation, it is more likely that they will use the next two years to develop their very own jersey line.

Adidas has not been very engaged in hockey so far, so it is hard to predict how far they will go. It is hard to imagine players skating around with Adidas skates, helmets, gloves and sticks. It could happen, but all that’s public so far is the jersey deal — which is also the most important part.

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As mentioned above, it would be a great start to move away from the piping of Edge jerseys, which would instantly improve the Colorado Avalanche’s jerseys.

However, we don’t know what’s next. After all, Adidas likes to put their three stripes on any sports equipment they make. It’s hard to imagine that on NHL uniforms, especially the iconic ones of teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers.

On the bright side, Adidas hasn’t put their stripes on their football and basketball jerseys. So far, it has mostly been their thing for soccer jerseys and all equipment other than jerseys.

Another topic that came up with the Adidas jersey deal is the introduction of ads on NHL jerseys. Most fans are totally against that, imagining uniforms like those in Europe, which mostly look like billboards more than hockey jerseys. If the NHL was to put ads on their jerseys, it would probably just start with a little chest patch, which has been done by the American Hockey League, as well as the Canadian Football League for quite some time now.

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That said, it is important to understand that Adidas and the new jersey deal have nothing to do with ads on jerseys. If the NHL decides to allow jersey ads, it would be entirely the league’s decision and for the league’s good, having nothing to do with Adidas.

All the new jersey deal brings to the league, is likely a new logo on the jerseys. Perhaps they will put one on the front again, rather than just on the back. The stripes are unrealistic for NHL jerseys and should not be expected.

The Adidas jersey deal could bring a jersey revolution to the league, simply in the sense that they will hopefully and most likely eliminate the Reebok Edge design. It won’t do much change to the classic jerseys, but may be a reason for teams like the Avalanche to introduce a new set of uniforms. Jersey ads are a whole different story, but don’t get me started on that…

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