Predicting Colorado Avalanche Players at 2016 World Cup of Hockey

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The Colorado Avalanche may not be among the league’s elite right now. Nevertheless, they have a large number of elite players, who may represent their countries at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

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Now, it can be argued that the World Cup of Hockey is just another way for the NHL to make a huge amount of money, while the actual biggest hockey event in the world — the Olympic Winter Games — may lose their appeal all at once, as it is set to lose the participation of NHL players. Well, that is exactly what it is.

Instead of having a qualification tournament and giving every country the chance to participate, the entire tournament will be made up of NHL players. Since not every country has enough players for that, there will be a Team Europe instead.

Is this like a 2000 version of the NHL All Star game, with Team North America and Team World? Pretty much, except Team North America will be the North American Young Stars.

Oh well, all that can be discussed at a different time. Fact is, the tournament is happening, and the Colorado Avalanche will likely see more than a few of their players participating. Let’s take a look.

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