NHL Uniforms: Ranking All 30 Teams’ Home Unis

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21. Vancouver Canucks

Mar 14, 2015; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks forward Henrik Sedin (33) skates against the Toronto Maple Leafs during the second period at Rogers Arena. The Vancouver Canucks won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It hurts to put the Canucks this far down, but I have to if I want to stick to my criteria. Blue and green combined is unique, which is cool, but I’m not a fan of it. It’s alright, but nothing more.

What really kills this one is the logo. The alternates — which are exactly the same with a different logo — would be quite a few ranks higher. There aren’t many fans of the “orca” logo in general. While I still like the logo itself, I highly dislike the humongous “Vancouver” writing on the chest.

If I got to pick, I would either take this jersey without the lettering or go back to the black, red/orange and yellow color scheme. To be honest, I like these a lot and originally had them in the top 10. But once I look at them too long, they just go into free-fall mode.