Throwback Thursday: Adam Foote’s Final Shift


It might be the most famous last shift in Colorado Avalanche history. On April 10, 2011, Adam Foote played in his final NHL game. The game itself was rather meaningless as the Avs and Edmonton Oilers were out of the playoffs, but Foote’s final shift will be remembered forever.

The game was tied 3-3 in overtime when the Oilers brought the puck into the Avalanche zone. Once the puck went along that boards, that’s when the rugged Avs defenseman went to work. First, it was Teemu Hartikainen feeling the wrath of Adam Foote as he took a couple of right hand shots to the back. Once he released the puck, Foote circled around into the faceoff circle Ladislav Smid had roamed. Foote took exception to a defenseman coming down that low and decided to knock his stick out of his hands and up into the air.

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The puck remained in the Avs zone with Adam Foote patrolling the front of the net. After a point shot by Jim Vandemeer was blocked into the corner, Foote went back to work on Hartikainen. The Finnish forward tried to protect the puck, but Foote was having none of it. As Hartikainen skated behind the net, #52 proceed to rough him up with a couple more rights to the chest before finally pushing him down on the ice.

The Avs captain left the ice for good with just over two minutes remaining in overtime. Moments later, David Jones won the game for the Avalanche with a power play goal to send Adam Foote into retirement with a victory.

Did “Footer” get away with a penalty or five on his final shift? Probably, but it’s pretty fitting that the refs allowed him to play the way he played for the majority of his career on his final shift. Adam Foote excelled in the NHL by playing rough and tough defense. He used the clutching, grabbing, and free hand rules to his advantage when shutting down the opposition.

Opposing teams and fans strongly disliked Adam Foote’s brand of hockey, but he’ll forever be the favorite defenseman amongst Avs fans.

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