Avalanche Development Camp: Winners And Losers

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Avalanche development camp loser

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Alexis Pepin (2014 4th round pick)

First you think “oh, come on. He was a 4th round selection a year ago, give him some time.” But then you look at those Geertsens and Boikovs and go over to “I guess this is reasonable.” Alexis Pepin is of course not one of the top prospects and he never was. But you will likely find quite a few pee-wee players who skate at least as well as he does.

Nothing in Pepin’s skating is powerful, smooth or anything else you want to see. It is mostly slow and rough. He shows a lot of skill and a really good shot, but that won’t be enough if he wants to make it. You can make the NHL as a great skater if you don’t have the greatest skill. But you can’t make it with a good amount of skill and horrible skating. Fighting with Lindholm for the “Worst Skater of Avalanche Training Camp Award”.

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