Avalanche Prospects at Development Camp

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Avalanche Prospects Skating Practice

After the Avalanche prospects stretched, they warmed up. Skaters need powerful thighs, and the drills very much looked targeted to working on thigh strength:

Colorado Avalanche prospects warm up during the development camp.

My thighs burned just watching them.

After warming up, Tracy Tutton showed them some proper postures for skating. Proper posture for skating is very different than general proper posture — there’s a whole lot of leaning over. Also, she instructed them to stretch their skate back during the stride. Watch their skating in practice:

Tutton and Adam Foote also recorded the prospects while they were skating. They then showed the prospects their skating to help instruct them:

Adam Foote and Tracy Tutton record video and stats of the Colorado Avalanche prospects.

Once warm ups and video-taking were over, it was down to the skating.

Here’s Mason Geertsen skating backwards (not quite the pivot hips of Erik Johnson, but it’s also a different drill):

Fellow defenseman Nicolas Meloche is not too shabby at the backwards skate:

Of course, winger Mikko Rantanen is all about the forward skate:

No surprise Rantanen is pretty speedy.

Know who else is surprisingly speedy? Goalie prospect Roman Will:

Look at that goalie go!

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