2015 NHL Draft: Beichler’s Full First Round Mock Draft

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1. Edmonton Oilers

Center. Erie (OHL). Connor McDavid. 1. player. 148. There really isn’t much to say about this pick. Connor McDavid is a “generational talent” and the Edmonton Oilers’ future.

2. Buffalo Sabres

12. The same goes for Jack Eichel. Eichel himself says that he will be a better player than McDavid. Most scouts disagree, but he is definitely very close and will be the face of the Buffalo Sabres franchise for years to come.. Center. Boston U (NCAA). Jack Eichel. 2. player

3. Arizona Coyotes

For the Arizona Coyotes, the decision will likely fall between Dylan Strome and Noah Hanifin. I went with Strome, mainly because they already have a true No. 1 on D, but need a franchise center to lead the team.. Center. Erie (OHL). Dylan Strome. 3. player. 121

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

5. Carolina Hurricanes

Boston C (NCAA). Noah Hanifin. 5. player. 109. The Hurricanes will be lucky if Hanifin drops to them, but the chances are good. Hanifin is the best player available and will improve the team’s prospect pool.. Defense

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