Colorado Avalanche: Redrafting The 2011 NHL Draft

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Round 6

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153rd overall: 
Colorado Avalanche pick — D Gabriel Beaupré
New pick — G Lars Volden (181st to BOS)

Gabriel Beaupré is another player that is still in the Colorado Avalanche organization and is hoping to make the jump one day. So far, he only has 28 games in the CHL, 11 in the ECHL and 143 in the AHL to his record. He works hard, plays a physical game and likes to block shots. His NHL potential is questionable, though.

The new pick may surprise many people, as Lars Volden is probably widely unknown in North America. However, he’s got potential. Volden played his first IIHF World Cup game for Norway as a 20-year-old and has added many games for the team ever since — including an appearance at the Olympic Games in Sochi. There is obviously no guarantee that he will ever come over to North America, let alone play in the NHL. But he is a player that I’d be willing to use a pick on, especially when it is this late in the draft.

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