Colorado Avalanche: Redrafting The 2011 NHL Draft

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In the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, the Colorado Avalanche selected their future captain with the first overall pick — Gabriel Landeskog. But in hindsight, we also know so much more about the players selected after him. Did the Avalanche really make the right call?

While some early picks of the 2011 draft class just had their rookie seasons or have yet to play them, others have already played three or four seasons in the NHL. Some of those players will surely emerge as very good NHL players once their times comes. All of the picked players, including our very own Landeskog, are still young and a lot can change in their careers.

But let’s focus on the Colorado Avalanche’s picks. Eligible to be redrafted are all players that were selected after the Avalanche’s respective pick and before their next pick.

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