Colorado Avalanche: Redrafting The 2010 NHL Draft

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The 2010 NHL Entry Draft was a rather successful one for the Colorado Avalanche. There were no big bangs made, but some decent players could be drafted, including some that are current Colorado Avalanche members.

The big question heading into the draft back in 2010 was “Taylor or Tyler?”. The Edmonton Oilers went with Taylor — Taylor Hall. Therefore, the Boston Bruins were left with Tyler — Tyler Seguin — with the second overall pick. Hall is still looking for the first sign of success with his team, while Tyler Seguin won a Stanley Cup in his rookie season in 2011. That’s how differently careers can go.

But let’s focus on the Colorado Avalanche. Eligible to be redrafted are all players that were selected after the Avalanche’s respective pick and before their next pick.

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