Colorado Avalanche: Redrafting The 2009 NHL Draft

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The Colorado Avalanche’s drafts between 2006 and 2008 were rather unsuccessful. Even nine years later, it is still sad and the wish to land a “diamond in the rough” like the Nashville Predators did with Patric Hornqvist (230th overall 2006) remains.

Good thing that we arrived at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft — most certainly one of the most successful ones for the Colorado Avalanche. The first two picks in the draft, including a top-3 selection, are now our No. 1 and 2 centers and the third round pick is one of our best defensemen. Looking back at this one is simply great.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth looking back. There are still quite a few picks that could have been done better. And who knows, maybe we could have even had someone better than our top-centers. Let’s take a look!

Eligible to be redrafted are all players that were selected after the Avalanche’s respective pick and before their next pick.

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