Gabriel Gagne: Colorado Avalanche 2015 Draft Prospect


Gabriel Gagne, Colorado Avalanche draft prospect 2015

The 2014-15 season was unfortunately cut short for the Colorado Avalanche. That means that here at Mile High Sticking, we have a long off-season ahead of us. While the off-season is filled with all different kinds of articles, regarding the playoffs (that we are unfortunately not a part of), Avalanche season reviews, and many other things, it also gives us time to focus on the Colorado Avalanche 2015 NHL Draft.

So, let’s have a look at Gabriel Gagne, a lanky center with fast acceleration and excellent offensive instincts.

 Gabriel Gagne, Colorado Avalanche Draft Prospect

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Position: Center/Right Wing

Shoots: Right

Height, weight: 6’5″, 183 pounds

Team: Victoriaville Tigres



Pro comparison: Keith Primeau

NHL-potential: Depth forward in two to four years

Risk: 3/5 Reward: 5/5

Draft Range: 36 to 61

Gabriel Gagne Scouting Report

QMJHL forward Gabriel Gagne is a little immature. I don’t mean in the sophomoric jokes kind of way, but in his hockey development. He’s just 18, and he’s still improving his game.

However, Gagne is already starting from a solid foundation. In just two years’ time, Gagne doubled his goal production. He’s solid enough that NHL Central Scouting has him ranked #36.

Gagne is s strong skater for one so tall — he’d dwarf Erik Johnson if he made the team. Ok, that’s stretching it, but at 6-foot-5, Gagne would be the tallest on the Avalanche barring Patrick Bordeleau. Again, this kid is only 18. Imagine if he added 20 pounds of muscle to that frame — he’d be a near unstoppable force.

With all that size, Gagne feels very comfortable around the net. He can make plays, but he’s been working more on actually generating goals. He’s better, though, at a simple forecheck game that puts him in prime scoring positions. He’s no slouch in the defensive end either.

Gagne does still need to work on his skating, though, as well as his hockey IQ. It’s doubtful he’d make any NHL team straight from the draft. Give him a few years to grow and mature, though, and Gagne is a forward who could return a lot to a team that takes a chance on him.

Fit with the Colorado Avalanche

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I keep harping on size, but that’s only because that’s exactly what head coach — and VP of hockey operations — Patrick Roy stated he wanted. “A 6’3, 6’4 center with speed” were Roy’s words.

Gabriel Gagne is a 6’5 center with speed — I’m guessing Patrick Roy has at least glanced in his direction.

Not only that, Gagne is a hard worker. He’s taken criticism of his game and turned it into inspiration to improve. He’s still on the lanky side in the manner of bottom-six skaters Borna Rendulic and Dennis Everberg. However, he’s still a teenager and has some growing to do. He’s already effective in using his size, so he really could be an asset to the team.

Actually, imagine for the moment the three youngsters on a line together. They’d be like a tall wall of scoring power. Not too shabby as a fourth line. (It’d be too much fun listening to them talk, though, as not a single one is strong in English!)

Gagne might spend one more year with his QMJHL team, or he might join the AHL right away. Gagne is scouted to go a little higher than the Colorado Avalanche’s second round pick, but… there’s always some fruit left hanging on the tree. If he’s still available when the Avalanche’s turn comes, I could definitely see GM Joe Sakic calling his name.

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