Colorado Avalanche: These were YOUR Highlights of the 2014-15 season!

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Watching the NHL Playoffs without your favorite team in them can be tough. Especially when you went into the season as the defending Central Division Champion. However, there really isn’t a lot that you could possibly do about it. Except for maybe one thing: relive the big moments of a season that was disappointing as a whole, but had enough positive moments to be excited about.

We wanted to do just that and asked you about your very own #AvsHighlight of the season.

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Thanks to our awesome fans, we got quite a lot of input. It was really awesome to see that a season like this one was not all disappointment (like in other NHL-cities…. hello Edmonton) and that fans had so many great things to look back at. Some highlights were simply the biggest highlights for a team or a player, others were personal highlights — like meeting players or catching a game puck. So here they are – YOUR #AvsHighlights of the season!

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