Colorado Avalanche: 5 Reasons For Optimism

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The Colorado Avalanche, you, and I have a lot in common right now. We will all be at home watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the next two months.

Yowza. Despite the moderate burn to start things off, this article is actually going to be a nice dose of optimism and positivity. My goal is to hone in on reasons for hope.

Although this season was disappointing for everyone in Avalanche Nation, I don’t see it as a reason to hang our heads. The future is still bright. This team is still full of charismatic and talented players. Denver is still full of amazing fans. I believe that Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic will do everything in their power to make this team a success.

So, in another edition of keep your chin up Avalanche fans, let’s dig into a few reasons you should be stoked for the future of this team.