Colorado Avalanche Conclude Season by Beating Blackhawks

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Avalanche Game Summary

The headline of this section should be “The Colorado Avalanche scored two power play goals!”

The Colorado Avalanche struggled with their power play all season. No one can figure out why — you’d think with the shooters they have on that team would make them premium power players.

Well, tonight they were. The referees didn’t call the game very closely, but the Avs did get a power play in the second period when Chicago skater Bryan Bickell hooked John Mitchell.

Avs fans have had anxiety about what happens when the Avalanche go on the power play. Well, before we even had a chance to fret — or Bickell had a chance to get comfortable in the penalty box — veteran Jarome Iginla scored a power play goal.

By the way, he scored the second power play goal. It was a pretty simple goal, just the game winner with just seconds left on the game clock. No big deal.

No, really, the Avalanche finished their season with a power play goal that turned out to be the game-winner in a one-goal game. Take that, 2014-15 season.

Colorado Avalanche players salute fans: