Colorado Avalanche Conclude Season by Beating Blackhawks

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Chicago Fans

Colorado is a destination state. All those people who have been blending in during their daily lives, show their true colors when arriving at Pepsi Center. It can get very frustrating for us Avalanche fans to see such a high percentage of opponent fans in the crowd. Never is that more true than when the Chicago Blackhawks come to town. Like I’ve said, the Pepsi Center appears to be bleeding. This game, I was also very disappointed to find a local restaurant that prefers to cater to Chicago Blackhawks fans, Jimmy’s on Blake Street:

A local Denver eatery shows its true colors — literally.

No joke, they made no bones about “allowing” Avalanche fans but preferring a different clientele:

Guess we know where not to go!

In any case, in the first minutes of the game, Avalanche fans were screaming our heads off. Then, as the Blackhawks took possession of the puck, I heard this deep, almost gladitorial rumble: “Go Hawks!” I’ve been to Blackhawks games before, but this was the first time I’d heard such a primordial chant.

Well, we Avs fans took inspiration from that evil chant. We continued screaming our usual, “Let’s go Avalanche, let’s go!” However, the next time that deep rumble came, we started yelling “Go Avs!” By the second period, “Avs” was drowning out “Hawks.” First victory of the night!