Colorado Avalanche Conclude Season by Beating Blackhawks

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Player Warm Ups

Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene warms up with teammates, April 11, 2015.
Photo credit: Nadia Archuleta

A lot of fans mill around buying beer and visiting the team store, while many season ticket holders haven’t even arrived yet, when the players warm up on the ice. I don’t understand that. Since I’ve been going to hockey games (I’m not naming any years), I’ve made a point of getting there early enough to watch the players skate around. I like the relaxed nature of the warm ups while the players are in full gear.

The Avalanche players came out looking relaxed. There were quite a few fans clustered around the glass, many of them trying to get players to give them pucks.

One of the most fun players to watch during warm ups is Matt Duchene. He likes to hone his puck handling skills during warm ups. This Instagram isn’t from the final warm up, but it’s indicative of his warm up habits.