Colorado Avalanche: Saying Goodbye to the 2014-15 Season

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It’s time to say goodbye, Avs Nation. Not to Mile High Sticking — we’re not going anywhere, and we’re going to have plenty of coverage in the up-coming weeks and months. However, it’s time to say goodbye to the Colorado Avalanche’s 2014-15 season.

No, this season was not what any of us wanted, least of all the players and coaches. Yes, the Pepsi Center is going to be empty of playoff action for the first time in its history . (Though, like Alex Tanguay, I don’t care about what the Denver Nuggets are or are not doing, no offense.) Yes, so many players were injured — including my personal favorite, Erik Johnson. Yes, we’re disappointed.

Yet there were bright spots to this season. This post is going to preview some of the highlights we’ll look at more in-depth during the off-season.