Colorado Avalanche Report: Final Practice

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After-Practice Drills

Many players commonly stay after the formal practice to work on drills specific to their style of play. The old adage is that, part of the job description for a backup goalie is to stay and “defend” shots by the forwards. Sure enough, there was Reto Berra, facing the likes of Matt Duchene, Ryan O’Reilly, Dennis Everberg, Joey Hishon and Freddie Hamilton.

During the after-practice drills, Duchene showed off some of his puck-handling skills:

Dennis Everberg showed off his skating — not. He wiped out! (He seemed to find it amusing.)

Somehow Erik Johnson got two pucks on his stick during a slap shot drill. He fired both of them:

Other noteables that I didn’t get video of — Semyon Varlamov rolling around on the ice before Joey Hishon chased after him and whacked him with his stick. I am not making this up.

What I did catch, though, was Ryan O’Reilly, Dennis Everberg and Joey Hishon being playful as they put away the pucks: