Colorado Avalanche Report: Final Practice

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“I honestly love this group” ~Patrick Roy

The Colorado Avalanche have not announced if today’s practice at the Family Sports Center in Centennial will be the last of the season — technically, they have time for two more. It’s the last one I can attend, though, and I doubt following practices would be radically different.

You might expect an air of doom and gloom, or at least disappointment, at the first practice after being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. That wasn’t the case. The players were relaxed. They worked hard, but the ambience lacked the… intensity of previous practices.

You know how players say at this time of year, if the playoffs are no longer possible, that they’ll play for each other and for the love of the game? That’s what I saw at the practice today. Which makes me think captain Gabriel Landeskog’s promise will also be true:

These upcoming games, the Avalanche will do their best for the fans. However, let’s look at some snapshots from practice.