Man Candy/Man Crush Monday, Christmas Edition

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Teddy Bear/T-Bones

Colorado Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Man Candy: Now, Avalanche offensive defenseman, Tyson Barrie, brings this comparison on himself. One of his nicknames is T-Bear, and he was Ted the Teddy Bear for Christmas — or he would have been if he hadn’t been sick.

Personally, I get distracted by Tyson’s skin when he’s giving interviews. I mean, I would kill to know what his skin care regimen is! That said, he’s got the cutest little smile — and the cutest way of laughing off being victimized by the bigger guys in the NHL. You know, 99% of the league.

Man Crush: To be fair, T-Bones has been trying to up his Barrie Smash game. Of course in a recent game he tried to Barrie Smash Matt Duchene. T-Bones, I know it must be exciting to see a forward your size for a change, but you shouldn’t check your own teammate!

Tyson seems like the kind of guy with whom you’d want to go to a biker bar. He’d just laugh his way through any confrontation, making the whole situation seem jolly.