5 Takeaways From Avalanche OT Loss To The Penguins


1. Overtime Losses Stink

No matter how you slice it, the Avalanche aren’t doing themselves any favors with all of these overtime losses. Every time they lose in OT, they miss out on a point that could edge them closer to the playoff picture, and yet they still gain a point, distancing themselves from the juicy odds of landing Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.

The Avalanche are now tied for the lead league in losses beyond regulation, with 8, and have dropped 3 overtime contests in their past 6 games. Either win the game, and collect two points, or lose in regulation and secure better odds to get rewarded with a nice draft choice next summer. This treading water method isn’t doing anybody any favors.

2. How about just a smidge of offense for Calvin Pickard?

Pickard stopped the first 47 shots he saw tonight, and yet he ends up taking the loss. Just a rotten deal all around for the youngster, who deserved much better from the rest of the team tonight. Pickard played out of his mind. The 22-year old AHL goaltender, should not be the best player on this team night in and night out, yet that is exactly what is happening.

The 22-year old AHL goaltender, should not be the best player on this team night in and night out, yet that is exactly what is happening

Pickard has been giving the Avs chances to win every night, just like Semyon Varlamov did for the team last season. The difference is, the Avalanche aren’t providing the supporting offense for Picks like they did for Varly. They just needed one goal. One guy to make one play, and they end up knocking off one of the better teams in the league in their barn. Instead, another tough loss.

Pickard had the play of the night, when he told Sydney Mumpsby to “say hello to me little glove!”

The Avs power play didn’t take advantage of early opportunities

The Avalanche power play continues to be a disappointment. Tonight, Pittsburgh gifted the Avalanche with two chances to play with an extra man early in the first period. Simon Despres and Steve Downie both took stupid penalties, miles away from their own zone. Downie’s was especially special, as he launched his forearm at the domepiece of Gabriel Landeskog (you may remember these two getting into it last year during training camp).

The first Avalanche power play saw them unable to pass cleanly in the offensive zone, or set up anything dangerous. The Avs were unable to record a shot on goal. The second power play, revealed the mysteries of entering the offensive zone. If Mysteries of Zone Entry was a novel, the Avs clearly chose not to read it. It’s a problem for this team right now.

When you are struggling, on the road, and playing a superior opponent, you need to take advantage of every break you get. Two silly Penguin penalties was a great chance to kickstart the night offensively. Avs need to find a way to get some production from their power play.

Brad Stuart plays in his 1000th game

Congratulations are in order, as 1000 games in the NHL is a great accomplishment. Was nice to have Stuart back in the lineup, and I thought he had a solid game tonight.

As an Avs fan, it was easy to be pretty critical of Stuart, because he wasn’t a big name defenseman that so many of us craved last summer. That and the contract extension painted a big target on his back. He had his fair share of mistakes too I thought early in the season.

Having him out of the lineup for a few weeks gave some perspective though, and I thought his return gave the Avs a nice steady presence on the backend tonight.


Was a big headline heading into tonight’s game. I don’t have too much to say, other than how funny a word “mumps” is. Hopefully the Avalanche ate their vegetables and took their shots, and won’t be adding to the NHL teams infected. I guess we’ll find out soon!