Central Division Rankings of Power: December 17, 2014 Edition


Every team in the Central Division, aside from the Avalanche, has played hockey north of the 0.500 pace over their last ten games. Even the Avs have maintained a break-even pace. However, it is Chicago (winners of 9 of their last 10) and St. Louis (winners of 5 straight) who are this week’s shining stars.

(22-9-1). Previous: . Chicago Blackhawks. 1. team. 94. <strong>The Road to the Winter Classic is likely to be littered with Blackhawk wins. </strong>Not only are the Blackhawks playing the best hockey in the division, they are the best team in the NHL right now.  Make sure and tune in to the Road to the Winter Classic for an inside look at <strong><a rel=

99. <strong>The Blues’ fans who decided to throw down in the stands saw more action than </strong><strong><a rel=. (21-8-2). Previous: . St. Louis Blues. 2. team

<strong>The Preds vs. Avs game was highlighted by goals from Forsberg and Bourque.</strong> Yeah, check your Calendars. This isn’t Throwback Thursday. The Predators got a sublime goal from Calder Trophy favorite <strong><a rel=. (20-8-2). Previous: . Nashville Predators. 3. team. 151

4. team. 107. <strong>I’m slowly beginning to accept that the Jets aren’t a bad hockey team playing decent hockey – they might just be a decent hockey team.</strong> Although the Avalanche were able to come back and defeat the Jets in a shootout, for arguably the most exciting Avs’ win of the season, the Jets have impressed me. <strong><a rel=. (16-10-6). Previous: . Winnipeg Jets

Previous: . Minnesota Wild. 5. team. 98. <strong>Do we chalk up the Wild’s mediocre record to the team having a few mumps in the road, or are their more pressing flaws with this team? </strong>Ready for your bizarro stat-line of the day? Nino Neiderreiter has scored 14 goals, yet only has 3 assists on the season. <strong><a rel=. (16-12-1)

Colorado Avalanche. 6. team. 103. <strong>Hey, at least we aren’t the Oilers, right? </strong>The wins came easily last year, but this year the Avalanche are having a hard time finding that same Mile High Magic, and winning culture. <strong><a rel=. (10-13-7). Previous:

team. 119. <strong>If these were sarcastic jumbotron guy ratings, the Stars would be the class of the conference.</strong> But they aren’t, so the Stars are forced to sit at the bottom of the rankings, and think about all those goals they’ve given up. Perhaps Santa can bring the Stars some defense next week. Or he might just do what the rest of the NHL does, and stuff their stocking with pucks.. (11-13-5). Previous: . Dallas Stars. 7