Colorado Avalanche Not Utilizing Landeskog

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How to “Use” Landeskog

Gabriel Landeskog cleans up well. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I cannot figure out why Gabriel Landeskog’s handsome visage is not plastered across this city. I love the Avalanche’s hockey-styled billboards, but then I love hockey and the Avalanche. I’m not their target market because I’m already a fan.

The point is to generate new fans. So, show how attractive hockey players can be. Women probably don’t realize — it’s awful hard to see past those visors, and the pads and uniforms do a great job of hiding the figures.

Women aren’t motivated by looks alone, though. Women are people people. We like to know about the person — why do you think we enjoy talking so much? While radio interviews are fine, Landeskog really should be utilized for video features. (Actually, Avalanche P.R. hit it well last year when they featured him, shirtless, in the Avs New Age video.)

I know Landy’s busy, but a few signings would go a long way. He’s renowned for being willing to sign autographs and take pictures after practice or even games. Why not make it an official, advertised event? Host a Broncos watch party in which Landy serves as announcer. Have him show up at the next grand opening of… anything, especially if it appeals to women. Heck, his tweet about feeling awkward at Sephora went viral over the summer — imagine if he did a signing at said store!