Colorado Avalanche Not Utilizing Landeskog

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Gabriel Landeskog’s Willingness

I’m not suggesting the Avalanche public relations pimp out our captain. Rather, I’m pointing out that Landy is well aware of how good-looking he is — and he likes the attention.

Indeed, when showing up for Media Day pictures, a reporter remarked that Landy already had his “playoff beard.” Landeskog laughed and admitted, “I wanted to look good for the pictures.” During last year’s Mile High Dreams Gala Jamie McGinn tried to tease Landeskog about his “perfect” hair. Landeskog retorted, “I have the most beautiful hair. My lips are beautiful, too.” For Halloween one year he was Poison Ivy, “A sexier, more broad-shouldered Poison Ivy.”

Gabriel Landeskog succeeded in looking good for his Media Day pictures, as evidenced in photographer John Leyba’s tweet:

In another man, such commentary might be distasteful. However, Landeskog does have an actual secret weapon — his charisma. He’s a born leader, and no matter how outrageous he’s being, he just doesn’t come across as full of himself. Or maybe he is — it’s just that we’re full of him, too.