Colorado Avalanche Not Utilizing Landeskog

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The Necessity for Landy’s Services

An already sparse crowd leaves the Pepsi Center before the end of the Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville Predators game. Photo credit: Nadia Archuleta

The Colorado Avalanche are not having a great season. Hell, they’re not even having a good season. A lot of the Avs Nation is über-disappointed, to say the least. Indeed, at the Avalanche-Nashville Predators game, attendance was expected to be only 11,000, but the Pepsi Center looked to be holding only about 8,000 spectators. And the Predators are a division rival.

At that same game, I was working security at the gate. As we were waiting for the gates to open, I heard a young woman remark to her friend, “Oh, look, my boyfriend’s on TV.” I turned around, but I already knew what I’d see — Landeskog being interviewed on television.

See, the Avalanche need to fill Pepsi Center. And here’s the thing about women — we tend not to do things alone. We bring our friends, we bring our families. And we shop while we’re at an event. Why on earth wouldn’t the Avalanche want to capitalize on that revenue stream?

It doesn’t matter if it’s puck bunnies or die-hard hockey fans in the stands, as long as they’re cheering. Besides, just because you’re a puck bunny doesn’t mean you can’t actually appreciate the sport while you’re watching for your heartthrob on skates.