Avalanche Players as Grey’s Anatomy Characters


Grey’s Anatomy has already experienced its “fall finale” — a relatively new phenomenon in television of which I am not a fan. The show leaves viewers with a cliff hanger, and suddenly you’re seeing Grey’s Anatomy everywhere.

Apparently, you can see them on the ice as well. Since there’s no Grey’s Anatomy, but plenty of Avalanche hockey, who would the Avs be if they were GA characters?

(Don’t get hung up on gender-bending, by the way.)

Gabriel Landeskog as… McDreamy, Derek Shepherd

Between the classic good looks and the absolutely perfect hair, Gabe could be nobody other than McDreamy himself, Derek Shepherd. Plus, Derek leads by example, as Landy does. Derek is the center of the group, just like Landy. Derek is one motivational speaker, just like Gabe. But, yeah, it’s also the looks and the hair.

Matt Duchene as… Meredith Grey

If there’s an outside center to the group, it’s Meredith Grey — and Matt Duchene. They both have a real tendency to get into their own head space. Meredith has had a hard time finding her footing as a surgeon. Dutchy’s had streaky parts to his seasons every now and again. Plus, neither one ever seems to know what to do with their hair.

Jarome Iginla as… Jackson Avery

He swooped in late and took over. Am I talking about Iginla, taking the A, or Avery, taking over the board of directors? I’m talking about both. Plus, while both are likeable, neither is particularly well-spoken.

Semyon Varlamov as… Amanda Bailey

Varlamov is the most capable member of the Avs the same way Bailey is the most capable doctor in the hospital.

Erik Johnson as… power couple Christina Yang AND Owen Hunt

EJ’s a big guy, so he gets to represent two characters. Actually, it’s such a toss-up. He’s rugged and appears to be hewn from stone, much in the way of Owen Hunt. Yet he’s snarky as hell and even mean, just like Christina Yang. Plus, his play has the finesse of Christina’s surgical skills. Heaven knows, though, when there’s been a catstrophe, you want your trauma surgeon or your best defenseman.

Patrick Roy as… Chief Webber

Patrick Roy oversees the Avalanche, taking care of them, hectoring them, bolstering their confidence. Chief Webber stepped down, but he’ll always be the Chief, protecting, hectoring, bolstering the surgeons’ confidence.

Nathan MacKinnon as… George O’Malley

Got to step back in time. Remember George O’Malley? Kind of looked sleepy, you didn’t expect much from him, but he was a star surgeon, cool under fire. You expect a lot from Nate, but look at him — he’s kind of got that sleepy look around his eyes and that mop of hair that George had.

Tyson Barrie as… Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey had a photographic memory, and all her greatness stemmed from there. Tyson Barrie has his offensive talent as a defenseman, and all his greatness stems from that. Lexie often had to play second fiddle to sister Meredith. You could say Barrie plays second fiddle to Dutchy for fan favorite and scoring excitement.Plus, they both have porcelain-like skin.

Ryan O’Reilly as… Alex Karev

Both Ryan and Alex have spent their time on the outs. Alex was hated at the beginning of the show, and he still has d-bag tendencies every now and again. Ryan’s had his battles with the Avalanche front offices, and that hasn’t always endeared him with fans. Still, you end up loving both guys, even when you hate them.

Alex Tanguay as… Izzy Stevens

Izzy had the most beautiful long, blond hair. Alex, of course, is bald. Besides that, though, both are the heart of their group. Both are the kind of person you just want to know. Plus, Izzy had a brain tumor. Robo-Tangs is playing with a broken head (face) — there’s some connection there.

What do you think, Avs Nation? John Mitchell, Cody McLeod, Daniel Briere… Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins, Mark Sloane… Which players would you match up with Grey’s Anatomy characters?