What to Wear on Game Day


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It’s Friday night, and you’re going to go watch the Colorado Avalanche take on the Vancouver Canucks. Or you’re planning on attending one of the other weekend games – perhaps even the New Year’s Eve game against the Philadelphia Flyers. You know you’ll be going out afterwards.

The jersey is the classic game-day attire. If you’ve got a jersey, especially one with your favorite player’s name and number, certainly that’s your #1 choice. However, you do have options, whether for pairing the jersey or for other Avalanche gear.

Keeping it Hockey

Jerseys are loose and, well, if they make the players look boxy, they’re certainly not doing anything for the female form. Leggings add that form back for you. Personally, this is one of my favorite outfits, and it tends to be my go-to for Avs games.

Any color of gray works for the leggings because of the Avs’ accent color of silver. Jeggings are an option, too. Pair either one with over-the-calf boots. Go 80s by matching with gray or even burgundy or blue boots. Alternatively, pull on a pair of buff-colored riding boots. Another option are the rain boots with Avs logos that Sports Fanatics sells.

Hitting the Blake Street Vault Afterwards

Sports apparel designers finally got on the bandwagon with shirts made with women’s dimensions and tastes in mind. One of the classics, though, is the old-fashioned T-shirt, those duo-colored tees with the team color stripes.

Create a contemporary look by matching an Avalanche T-shirt with tailored pants. Charcoal is a perfect match for this tee. Play with the old-fashioned vibe by adding Converse sneakers to your look.

Date Night

Score! You’ve found a guy who loves hockey as much as you do, and you’re going to an Avs game. This calls for dressing up. Alyssa Milano has you covered — she’s developed a line of apparel that’s both flirty and fan-based.

Start with an Avalanche tank top topped by a mesh tee with the Avs logo. Wear this with a straight-cut jean skirt – or even a tube skirt in gray. Keep your legs bare, but pull on a pair of black heeled boots. Yes, you will get cold, but that’s the point considering you have a cute fellow hockey fan to sling his arm around you

New Year’s Eve

Pair this shirt with a sparkly skirt for the New Year’s Eve game. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The New Year’s Eve games at Pepsi Center are always fun, and the one against Philly is sure to be a good one. (Daniel Briere’s playing against the team he once captained, after all.) Time to bring on the bling.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you’re an Avs fan, so there’s no reason to play at subtlety. Opt for a heathered top speckled with sequins. Pull this over a skirt sequined in, what else, Stanley Cup silver. Heeled boots or dancing flats complete the look.

By the way, if you’re rooting for the opponent, just go naked. Can’t be any more humiliating than when your team loses!

So, Avalanche ladies, what’s your fan outfit of choice?