5 Takeaways From Avalanche Veterans Informal Practice

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5. Videos!

First video is about a minute of 3-on-3 action. If you watch to the end, you will see Landeskog trying to leave the rink. He struggles with the door, so the guy outside has to come help him get it unlatched. You can also hear commentary, as a puck almost nailed Landy.

Literally everyone on the team couldn’t get that door opened, aside form Daniel Briere. Briere got to the door, put his stick in just the right spot, and jammed it down… easy peezy. Out he went. Maybe he has something left in the tank after all, and he definitely showed off the craftiness he is known for.

Another clip of 3-on-3 action below! A nice goal by Erik Johnson at the end of this video!

Final video is a few minutes of down low work. The guys worked a little 2-on-1 out of the corner, and tried to get a good shot on net. A few nice passes and technical skills on display.