5 Takeaways From Avalanche Veterans Informal Practice

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Colorado Avalanche players take to the ice for an Informal Practice at Family Sports Center in Centennial CO. Sept. 16, 2014. -Photo by Austin Manak

The Colorado Avalanche vets took to the ice for an unscheduled practice session at Family Sports Center in Centennial, CO yesterday around noon. As the rookies were wrapping up day two of their camp, the main guys were seen wandering around the complex. A pair of kids next to me were able to successfully acquire a couple of autographs for their jerseys.

Then the fans were treated to a surprise practice, and it was well worth sticking around for!

The most noticeable thing was how much better these guys are than the rookies. It was like going from middle school to college as far as the speed, passing, shooting, and technical ability. Off brand cola to classic Coke. A frozen microwaved burrito, to the deliciousness that is Chipotle. Bottom line, it is really is amazing to watch these guys play.

Here are my 5 takeaways from the practice.